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Pigs don’t fly

Posted on Jan 8, 2013 in News | 3 comments

A long time ago, far away, Sir Pork Chop the Third was the proud king of Bacon Mountain. It was a time of peace and order. All baconators lived with harmony in their small villages, growing corn and apples, raising earthworms and truffle. Little they knew that their loving village was placed over a magical volcano that had stayed dormant for many centuries. One day, Sir Pork Chop was taking a stroll over the peak of the mountain, to find an appropriate location for the Royal Mud Baths construction he had promise to his people. He was looking at the warm setting sun, the yellow bleeding sky of the afternoon, the infinite abyss at his side, and the little tiny stars that timidly started to glitter over his head.

Then he saw it….. Looked like one of those little stars had fallen and embedded itself in the ground. Sir Pork Chop approach cautiously to see it closer…. it was bright and warm; and every step he would take, he felt more compelled to touch it. He dig and dig, and finally took it out of its confinement on the ground. He hold the crystal high on the sky, feeling its immense power circulating to his body. He could see the glow flowing down his arms to his heart for a moment. Then there was all white and light, and he woke up laying on the evergreen grass. Night had fallen.

Sir Pork Chop felt somewhat shaken… but there was no signs of the blue orb anywhere around. He was not sure what had happened. When he took the first step towards the village, he felt something really odd. He was basically levitating on the air. The first attempt to step back on earth sent him to fall head first on the ground. “What has happened to me?”, he thought. Slowly, he discovered that the energy filling the orb had given him some unusual powers. Life was never going to be the same.

In time, Sir Pork Chop used his newly found powers to help his fellow inhabitants. Soon enough, he thought that he owed to help others in need. He resign as King of Bacon Mountain, naming his son Oink Kommand to rule on his place. Years of history were made… many adventures were written as long as his noble heart found a yearning for justice.

A day came by when he felt he did not have the same energy as before. He was about to go on an important mission on Planet Popcorn. Sir Pork Chop was not confident he was going to be able to finish this task if his powers were not as strong as before. “There must be other power sources where I found that first one”. The return to his home village was announced. Would be he able to find these crystals to regain his power once again before it is too late?? What dangers lie inside the inner caves of Bacon Mountain? Will the universe be again a safe place for everyone?…….

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  1. Very good game. I like it 🙂

  2. Love it!!! 😀

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